Monday, August 17, 2009

Bad Taste.

The population of a small town disappears and is replaced by aliens that chase human flesh for their intergalactic fast-food chain.

The ultimate in 80's schlock horror/SciFi - You have been warned.


Italian 70's thriller starring Yul Brynner as a retired hitman hired by the mafia in Naples.

The night Evelyn came out of the grave.

An Italian horror masterpiece.

The story takes place in a castle just outside London, England. We are introduced to Lord Alan Cunningham and a hooker that he is taking home. After brutally torturing and eventually killing her, we discover that his mental trauma is due to the loss of his wife, Evelyn. His friend and doctor talks him into remarrying to ease his mental anguish, and that’s a piece of advice that he takes upon meeting the ravishing Gladys…

Lady Frankenstein.

Dr. Frankenstein is killed by his own monster. His daughter and his lab assistant Marshall continue his experiments. The two fall in love and transplant Marshall’s brain in to the muscular body of a retarded servant Stephen, in order to prolong the aging Marshall’s life. Meanwhile, the first monster seeks revenge on the grave robbers who sold the body parts used in its creation to Dr. Frankenstein. Soon it comes after Marshall and the doctor’s daughter.

This is another one of those psycho-horror italian films in the late 1960’s style. It had violence and nudity and is therefore Rated R.

The Guy with Secret Kung Fu.

B-movie Martial Arts flick, The Guy with the Secret Kung Fu (Cai yang nu bang zhu) was made in Hong Kong in 1981. Sounds terrible doesn't it?

Expect bad dubbing but conversely, good fight scenes.

Project Kill.

Project: Kill is a 1976 action film directed by William Girdler and starring Leslie Nielsen before he began doing comedy. This film should almost me a comedy though because it is absolutely hokey. In the film, Nielsen plays John Trevor, a military agent who escapes from a secret government base where he had been the subject of various mind-control experiments. However, withdrawal from the mind-control drugs turn Trevor violent and dangerous, and now the military must find him before he can do any real damage.

Five minutes to live.

A gang of bank robbers terrorize a small town by knocking on doors and then killing whoever answers.

Fear in the night.

A man dreams he committed murder, then begins to suspect it was real.

The Snake People.

Evil scientist runs a veritable army of LSD crazed zombies.

Cathy's Curse

A young girl is possessed by the spirit of her dead aunt, who died in a car accident. Soon members of her family begin to mysteriously die off.

Devil times five.

Five extremely disturbed, sociopathic children escape from their psychiatric transport and are taken in unwittingly by a group of adult villagers on winter vacation.

Bela Lugosi meets a Brooklyn Gorilla

Two goofy entertainers meet a mad scientist on a jungle island.

OK, so the stars are a poor (very poor) imitation of Martin & Lewis. Yes, the movie is a lot on the low budget and bad side. Yet, it's Bela Lugosi! From great movies like Dracula, Island of Lost Souls and The Black Cat to bombs like Plan 9 from Outer Space, Bride of the Monster and Mother Riley Meets the Vampire, Bela makes it worth your time in one way or another.

Suspense! - The Cask of Amontillado

Suspense presents an adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe's classic, starring Bela Lugosi.

The Bloody Brood

Two beatniks get their kicks by dealing drugs and violence.

This film has a tangible Corman feel about it throughout; dropouts and drugs - in fact even the set looks suspiciously like that of A Bucket of Blood.

Stars Peter Falk of Columbo fame.

Mystery of the Wax Museum

n London, sculptor Ivan Igor struggles in vain to prevent his partner Worth from burning his wax museum...and his 'children.' Years later, Igor starts a new museum in New York, but his maimed hands confine him to directing lesser artists. People begin disappearing (including a corpse from the morgue); Igor takes a sinister interest in Charlotte Duncan, fiancée of his assistant Ralph, but arouses the suspicions of Charlotte's roommate, wisecracking reporter Florence.