Sunday, July 12, 2009

Terror in the Crypt.

Christopher Lee, a nobleman concerned that a witch will possess his daughter, asks occult experts to observe her at home in hopes of detecting her descent into the world of evil. Jose Campos and Vera Valmont also star in this shocker based on "Carmilla." AKA: "Terror in the Crypt."


SAKARA18235 said...

A terrific dupe; doesn't look any worse than what was shown back in the 1970s on channel 48 in Philadelphia, when they had an afternoon double-feature horror show.

Released (directly to tv?) by AIP. Made in Italy; respectable Hollywood wasn't making horror movies in the 1960s.

There's this version of CARMILLA, and then there's there's the Karnstein trilogy from Hammer, with THE VAMPIRE LOVERS being the best.

The real castle exteriors at night in this movie look enough alike the real castle exteriors at night of Kubrick's BARRY LYNDON.